What it is

Your online document storage folder

My Health Folder is an online tool that lets you store all medical information related to your Best Doctors Access an Expert cases, securely in a single place. It’s where we’ll store all your health documentation from Best Doctors, including medical reports, tests, scan results as well as a copy of the final report.

It means you’ll have everything on hand, safely stored in case you need the information again.

Your information is protected by a user name and password so you can be sure of total confidentiality. What’s more, all your documents are available whenever you need them.

How it works

Access your information whenever you need it

It’s very simple. Just click on the icon and you will be taken to where all your documents are stored.

Then click on the document to see a summary of your case and all the case documentation. You can see all the documents, download them and even email them to your GP or specialist treating doctor.