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28. March, 2017

Combating Parkinson with a Punch

However, exploratory physical therapy has discovered that boxing provides a full-body workout that is extremely beneficial to Parkinson’s Disease patients because of the rapid combinations of hand-eye coordination with footwork. This practice facilitates... Read More
21. March, 2017

Five reasons to ask for a Second Medical Opinion

1. Doctors do it all the time. Consulting with colleagues or specialists has been a tried and true practice in the medical profession from the very beginning. A Second Medical Opinion simply formalizes this process. 2. You do it all... Read More
14. March, 2017

Feeding the Heart

Our experts bring such an incredible amount of experience and case analysis to the second medical opinion process and currently 10% of cardiovascular cases review result with a change of diagnosis and a staggering 33% of cases are recommended a... Read More